Fauna en Protur Natura Park

animales autoctono del protur natura farm, Mallorca

Domestic animals naïve to Majorca

Visitors to the Protur Natura Farm will find a wide area dedicated to domestic animals native to Majorca as well as tropical animals. You can combine a pleasant stroll through one of the four routes that you will find in the park the farm with the chance to contemplate the fauna to be found there at the Protur Natura Farm.

A special mention must be made, when talking about native animals, to our mascot BLACKY,  a Majorcan ass that unfortunately nowadays is in danger of extinction. You can also see examples of other typical animals typical to the islands such as: Majorcan goat, black pig, Majorcan hen, Majorcan duck, Balearic Gavatxut pigeon& Majorcan turkey. The tropical animals to be found are: partridges, quails, pheasants, parakeets, canaries, diamond tropical birds.....

4 routes to enjoy a stroll or ride

animales autoctono del protur natura farm, Mallorca

by bike, cart, Nordic.......you choose.

Protur Natura Farm dispone de cuatro rutas diferentes donde podrá disfrutar de agradables paseos con la familia o practicando un poco de deporte ya que las rutas las puede realizar en bicicleta.